BAE systems showcases capabilities at ISNR exhibition


BAE Systems will showcase the RG12 Mk4 multi-purpose security vehicle at the International Security & National Resilience (ISNR) exhibition in Abu Dhabi, 19-21 March 2012.

The vehicle will be displayed on the International Golden Group (IGG) stand.

The RG12 multi-purpose security vehicle has shown its value in many nations and currently over 700 vehicles are in service in eight countries around the world. The RG12 successfully completed trials in Oman with the latest Mk4 version in January 2012, showing the success of continuous upgrades and testing of the company’s products.

Regional focus

BAE Systems recently secured a contract with IGG for 73 RG31 Mobile Mortar Platform (MMP) mine protected vehicles. “Working with local industry and assisting the UAE defence industry to grow, is an important goal for our business,” said Johan Steyn, Managing Director Land Systems South Africa.

This is not the first contract the company has secured in the UAE. The Special Operations Command operates 76 RG31 Mk5 command vehicles. Also, security forces in Dubai have 16 RG12 vehicles in service. A month ago, the company also received a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the 8×8 combat vehicles. The company’s proposal is based on the South African designed RG41 wheeled armoured combat vehicle, which successfully completed the summer trials in 2011.
“We see our opportunities in the UAE as a complete partnership with our customer and local industry, and ensuring we provide benefits to the nation through in-country manufacture and assembly,” added Steyn. “We will spend more time in the region by attending other exhibitions and by bringing the RG35 reconnaissance patrol utility mine protected vehicle to the summer trials.”

The 4×4 RG12 has proven to be a highly effective vehicle in a number of other applications such as command and control vehicle, an armoured personnel carrier and a multi-purpose security vehicle. Capable of carrying a driver, a commander and between eight to 10 additional personnel, the RG12 features an all-steel, welded armour, monocoque hull designed to protect the crew against small arms fire, firebombs and hand grenades.

The RG35 RPU is a 4X4 mine protected multi-mission tactical wheeled vehicle. It measures approximately 5.2 meters in length, 2.6 meters in width, and 2.5 meters in height, with a ground clearance of 414 millimeters. The RG35 RPU’s gross vehicle mass is 21,000kg and seats driver plus nine crew members.

The RG41 can carry light and medium turrets and direct and indirect-fire weapons. Its design enables easy development for different variants. It can be configured as a command vehicle, section combat vehicle, ambulance, engineering vehicle or customised for various other customer missions.


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