BAE announces FRES team


In this World Wide Wrap: BAE announces FRES team, Boeing demonstrates FAB-T multi-terminal link, US Army orders hi-tech tanks, and Raytheon wins $36.1 million contract.

BAE announces FRES team

A team led by BAE Systems has been assembled to deliver a battle-winning fleet of medium-weight armoured fighting vehicles for the British Army. The team will compete for the role of vehicle integrator for the Utility family of FRES (Future Rapid Effect System), the first and largest element of the programme.

BAE has already worked on electronic architecture for FRES. It would harness its expertise in training system integration, crew station design, electronic architecture and Bowman integration, at sites including Dunfermline and Frimley.

Cranfield University, based at the Defence Academy of the UK, Shrivenham, has been active within the FRES project since its inception on electronics architecture, systems engineering support, military requirements, trials support and planning.

Boeing demonstrates FAB-T multi-terminal link

The Boeing Company has successfully demonstrated secure interoperable communications between two Family of Advanced Beyond line-of-sight Terminals (FAB-T) software-defined radios, validating a capability that eventually will link ground, air and space platforms.

The demonstration, held in October at Boeing`s FAB-T Systems Integration Laboratory in Anaheim, completes the initial Engineering Development Model hardware and software integration of a Block 6 Phase 1 terminal for the US Air Force.

"Completion of the Block 6 hardware is a significant step for our team as we remain on target to meet the needs of the warfighter with this technology," said Jim Dodd, Boeing FAB-T programme director.

US Army orders hi-tech tanks

The US Army TACOM Lifecycle Management Command has awarded General Dynamics Land Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), $89 million for work on the Abrams Improved Systems Enhancement Package (SEP) Reset (ISR).

As part of the reset programme, M1A2 SEP Version One tanks are upgraded to the SEP Version Two configuration, which includes improved displays, sights, power and a tank-infantry phone.

It is the most technologically advanced Abrams tank and can accommodate future technology improvements to ensure compatibility with the Army`s Future Combat Systems.

Raytheon wins $36.1m contract

With the award of $36.1 million, Raytheon Company has won the majority share of US Air Force competitive contracts for Paveway II laser guided bomb components for fiscal year 2007. This is the third consecutive Air Force majority share award for Raytheon.

The $36.1 million contract calls for Raytheon to provide the Air Force with laser-guided bomb computer control and air foil groups that transform conventional bombs into precision-guided munitions.

The Air Force awarded Raytheon`s Paveway II program the majority of the funding available for the fiscal year 2006 and 2007 laser-guided bomb production awards, including the maximum computer control group award allowed under the competitive contract. Raytheon was also awarded the majority share of the Air Force competitive foreign military sales contracts for Paveway II in June 2007.