Army invests more in artillery improvement system


The South African Army has awarded Reutech Radar Systems (RRS) a further R87 995 to continue development of an artillery consistency improvement system. The order is an extension of work awarded in 2009 and 2010. Spending since 2009 and to date amounts to R17 627 721.86.

The International Defence Review (IDR) on May 2006 reported a South African technology programme to devise an economical 1-dimensional (range-only) consistency improvement system (CIS) for artillery projectiles had been underway since 2000.

RRS last year told an industry briefing held at Africa Aerospace & Defence 2010 that the CIS will give the artillery greater accuracy with regard the fall of shot. In a presentation to industry and media the company showed that a base station would track projectiles in flight and calculate impact point. Where this is further than the point desired, a drag brake device fitted to the projectile can then be used to correct the trajectory to decrease the probable error as well as the size of the beaten zone around the desired target.

RRS added that to keep expense down, higher cost system elements were built into base station. It noted its system is independent of GPS, operates under all weather conditions and that the radar technique employed can be extended to 2D.

The IDR reported the project is being pursued by an industry consortium headed by Denel(now Denel Rheinmetall Munitions) as well as Reutech Radar Systems and Reutech Fuchs – the fuze maker – with the support of Armscor and the Defence Research and Development Board.

Consistency improvement system – extension of EAES/2009/552

AES/S2011/1189 17 Jun 2011 R87 995,00 Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Ltd

Consistency improvement system

EAES/2009/552 23 Jun 2010 R8 769 928,86 Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Ltd

Consistency improvement system for long range artillery projectiles

EAES/2009/175 12 Nov 2009 R8 769 798,00 Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Ltd