Army awards simulator contract


ThoroughTec will develop a set of simulators for the Army`s Badger infantry combat vehicle.The South African Army, through Denel Land Systems (DLS), has awarded ThouroughTec an R88.5 million contract to design, develop and supply training systems for its new armoured infantry combat vehicle, the Badger.

ThoroughTec will deliver 60 Badger simulators and eight instructor stations to the Army under the seven-year contract.

“Our latest CyberWAR simulators will ensure the South African Army is able to train its Badger crews to operate the vehicle safely and effectively under all conceivable scenarios likely to be encountered in African peace-support and security missions,” says ThoroughTec MD Robert Letschert.

“This new simulator system will augment our CyberWAR – train as you fight, fight as you`ve trained – philosophy,” he adds. “We are certain they will enable Badger crews to operate this state-of-the-art vehicle to its maximum potential.”

The Badger Training Simulator System consists of driver and turret training simulators, in addition to instructor stations. Five variants of turret training simulators will be delivered to match the five different versions ordered by the Army: the basic infantry section carrier (to be known as the section variant), the fire support vehicle, the mortar carrier, the tank destroyer (missile variant), and the command vehicle.

The command vehicle will be fitted with a R300 million ICT-based command-and-control (C2) system.

ThoroughTec already supplies and supports the South African Army`s simulators and virtual battlefield training systems for the Rooikat Armoured Fighting Vehicle, ZT3-A2 Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle and Olifant Mk2 Main Battle Tank. These are all located at the South African Army`s vehicle training centre in Bloemfontein.

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