Armscor seeking sniper rifles

Armscor is looking to acquire nearly 80 sniper rifles and accessories for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).
In a tender issued on 6 November Armscor said it was looking for 26 bolt action sniper rifles with scopes and accessories in 7.62×51 mm calibre; 26 semi-automatic 7.62×51 mm sniper rifles with scopes and accessories; 13 bolt action sniper rifles in .338 calibre with scopes and accessories and 13 sniper rifles with scopes and accessories in 12.7×99 mm calibre.
The tender also calls for 39 clip-on night vision weapon optics and 39 clip-on thermal weapon optics (the latter must be able to identify people at 600 metres and a 2×2 metre target at 1 000 metres and be compatible with a laser designator for target indication). All weapons must be supplied with a storage case, cleaning kits, tools, magazines, slings, bipods and carry bags. With the exception of the 12.7 mm weapons, they must also have suppressors, flash hiders/muzzle breaks and muzzle caps.
As per the tender, ammunition is to be supplied as well, including 5 000 rounds of 7.62×51 mm match grade ball ammunition; 1 200 rounds of .338 match grade ball ammunition; 600 rounds of .338 ball armour piercing ammunition; 600 rounds of 12.7×99 mm armour piercing incendiary ammunition and 600 12.7×99 mm multipurpose rounds.
Armscor specifies that the 7.62 mm weapons must be able to hit a human size target at 800 metres on the first shot with match grade ammunition and have a lethal range of up to 1 000 metres. For the .338 weapons this is 1 200 metres and 1 600 metres respectively and for the 12.7 mm this is 1 300 and 1 600 metres respectively.
A compulsory bidders conference was due to be held on 14 November. The closing date for the tender is 28 November this year.