Arachnida II user trials a success: DLS


Denel Land Systems (DLS) has successfully completed the first user trials of its Arachnida II Weapon Management System. The new system was installed in a DLS G6 155mm self-propelled artillery gun and subjected to navigation tests, actual firing and data communication tests with the battery command post.

The Arachnida II is based on the very successful Arachnida I system, of which 800 are currently in service worldwide, with the Selex Galileo FIN3110 inertial navigation unit as primary sensor. The FIN3110 is also an essential part of the Selex Galileo LINAPS Artillery Pointing System.

DLS says the Arachnida II system is based on military of the shelf (MOTS) computers. A 12-inch screen is used for the gunner/commander and a 8-inch display as a Driver Navigation Display (DND). Denel has retained the FIN3110 as primary sensor due to its excellent service history, DLS says in a statement.

The Arachnida II system has sun-readable colour touch screens and is suitable for mounting on self propelled artillery, towed systems, mounted guns, multiple rocketlaunchers and reconnaissance vehicles. “It navigates the gun or launcher accurately on a map background, with or without GPS, and therefore completely eliminates any survey procedures,” the DLS statement says. The system provides for full on-board autonomous ballistic calculations and for receiving fire orders via radio data link. Gun Laying can be done accurately to within 1 mil RMS, while offsets for direct firing are calculated automatically. The new system can also include the function of fully automatic gun pointing with the required upgrades to the Gun Control System.

Factors that have been taken into account during the development of the system include ease of training (menus are similar to Arachnida I), a low life cycle cost, improved situational awareness, improved safety warnings, gun autonomy and flexibility to integrate with different ballistic systems and artillery fire control systems.

For maintenance purposes, the system logs all gun firing history, and a full “black box” functionality can be included if so required.