Another artillery contract for Rheinmetall Denel Munition


Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) has received another order for artillery shells and components worth €52 million, coming after the company received a €28 million order earlier in the year for fuzes, charges and projectiles.

Rheinmetall today said the most recent order is from an international client, and the company is seeing a sharp increase in demand for its artillery products.

As a result of growing demand, RDM is busy increasing production at its facilities, and aims to improve throughput by at least 30% to meet mid-term supply requirements. Various capital projects are in execution, including the installation of an additional forge facility, as well as CNC machines to increase capacity.

Rheinmetall said the unique features of its artillery projectile range “are increasingly attracting the interest and recognition of the artillery user community around the globe. The company’s current projectile development activities are focused on enhanced product features that meet increasing customer demands and future needs of the user in terms of range, precision and on-target effect. Furthermore, all variants are compatible with both NATO and non-NATO designed 39- to 52 calibre guns.
“Thanks to long-established relationships with customers around the world and its comprehensive expertise, the Düsseldorf, Germany-based Group can point to a steady inflow of important orders in this domain.”

The two recent large artillery orders for RDM come on the back of a late 2017 contract for 155 mm Assegi ammunition from the Australian Defence Force. RDM is supplying 155mm Assegai projectiles to Australia’s largest privately owned defence company NIOA, under the LAND 17-1C2 Future Artillery Ammunition program for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The AU$100 million contract, in partnership with Rheinmetall Defence, Rheinmetall Nitrochemie and Junghans Microtec, was tendered on last year.

RDM’s portion of the initial contract for the qualification ammunition and war stock is approximately AU$60 million. The first lot of qualification ammunition will be delivered this year.