Angola interested in Belarusian air defence systems


Angola is apparently in discussions with Belarus over the acquisition of air defence systems worth $200 million.

This is according to Belarusian media, which report that the air defence systems are needed to ensure the work and functioning of the air defence system of big cities and the country’s sensitive economic facilities.

According to a document signed by Angolan president Lourenco, there is an agreement between the Republic of Angola and the Development Bank of Belarus on financing the ‘acquisition of equipment and other special-purpose products’ by the Angolan armed forces. Among others, the parties to the transaction are Belarusian company Tetraedr and export insurance company Beleximgarant. The contract has not been signed yet.

In August 2018 a Belarusian delegation visited Luanda, Angola, and discussed issues such as the creation of assembly lines, repair and maintenance of military equipment and anti-aircraft defences.

Angola was represented in the discussions by the Secretary of State for Material Resources and Infrastructures, Lieutenant General Afonso Carlos Neto, and Belarus by a delegation led by the Chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee, Major General Oleg Dvigalev.

In March 2017 Lourenço, still Minister of National Defense, discussed with a delegation from Belarus the possibility of signing an intergovernmental agreement covering military cooperation.