Allen-Vanguard strengthens its electronic countermeasures support to Somalia


Global electronic countermeasures (ECM) specialist Allen-Vanguard has been providing electronic countermeasures systems, force protection advice and support to security forces based in Somalia for a number of years, and recently deepened this with an 18-month contract extension for its Field Service Representative (FSR) Team.

The company, exhibiting at the DSEI exhibition in London this week, announced that it recently provided additional ECM hardware to the region along with the FSR contract extension. Allen-Vanguard has been working in Somalia supporting national security forces and working with other peacekeeping nations since 2018, helping to defeat radio frequency (RF) threats by supplying ECM protection, such as its SCORPION ECM manpacks and 3XXX static and vehicle-mounted counter-radio controlled improvise explosive device (RC-IED) systems.

Bobby Strawbridge, Director Business Development for Allen-Vanguard said, “We at Allen-Vanguard are very conscious that ECM equipment alone does not defeat the threat. Our vision is to create local capability, share knowledge, provide training and help to develop regional expertise so that those facing the greatest risk in peace keeping operations get the maximum possible protection. As one of the highest risk operational theatres in the world and building on a decade’s worth of supporting peacekeeping operations in Somalia, Allen-Vanguard’s footprint has recently grown considerably, reinforced with a permanent presence on the ground delivering OEM support at the ‘sharp end’ of operations.”

In addition to supplying hardware, Allen-Vanguard offers comprehensive training and recently provided additional Explosive Threat Reduction Training in Somalia. The in-country FSR team “has the necessary Allen-Vanguard specialists to provide a tailored mission support service for all their ECM systems updating and testing. They offer a range of support options to optimize algorithms specific for every user’s needs and to combat threats specific to the region of operations. The Somali team have been in Mogadishu since August 2021, and has just been extended for a further 18-months,” the company said.

Last year Allen-Vanguard fitted 3XXX ECM equipment to 19 OTT Puma M36 vehicles for an African nation that is a major contributor to peacekeeping missions in Africa, and in October received multi-million Canadian dollar funding from an undisclosed customer to provide more electronic countermeasures equipment to protect those at risk working in Somalia. The new funding was for a range of ECM equipment, including SCORPION manpack systems and the ANCILE counter-drone systems, which jams UAV command and control links.