Allen-Vanguard providing more ECM equipment to Somalia


Global electronic countermeasures specialist Allen-Vanguard has received multi-million Canadian dollar funding from an undisclosed customer to provide more electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment to protect those at risk working in Somalia.

The new funding will be used to provide a range of ECM equipment, such as the 3XXX ECM suite, which is a static and vehicle mounted counter-radio controlled improvised explosive device capability. Allen-Vanguard will also provide the SCORPION manpack ECM system and the ANCILE counter-drone system, which jams UAV command and control links.

The company said the funding not only provides the necessary hardware and software, but also the essential back-up and support from the Allen-Vanguard in-theatre team to maintain maximum protection from new threats, ensure operational effectiveness and enhance equipment availability.

Allen-Vanguard has been providing ECM systems, force protection advice and support to security forces based in Somalia, and other international organisations operating in the region, for the last decade. Most recently, in May this year Allen-Vanguard delivered explosive Threat Reduction Team (ETRT) training courses to Somalia security forces personnel to help them defeat radio frequency-based terrorist and extremist threats.

Allen-Vanguard’s Business Director for Africa, Stuart Wilson, stated that “the increase in demand for high-quality ECM equipment across the African continent is reflective of the continuing insurgencies and unrest in the region. Having supported the UN, various Contributing Nations and African Union members for over a decade, Allen-Vanguard continues to grow our footprint and have now established a permanent Field Support Representative (FSR) team in the region.”

Allen-Vanguard took part in the September Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition in Pretoria, where its counter-radio controlled improvised explosive device (C-RCIED) and counter-unmanned aerial vehicle systems were on display in partnership with ECM Technologies.