Allen-Vanguard fits ECM equipment to APCs supporting African peace mission


Global electronic countermeasures (ECM) specialist Allen-Vanguard has fitted ECM equipment to 19 vehicles for an African nation that is a major contributor to peacekeeping missions in Africa.

The company announced that an Allen-Vanguard Field Service Representative (FSR) team has been deployed in-theatre for over a month to supervise the equipment installation and to provide end-user and maintenance support training.

The 19 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) have been fitted with Allen-Vanguard’s 3XXX ECM suite. This is a static and vehicle mounted counter-radio controlled improvised explosive device (RC-IED) system and has been operationally used both in the African region and globally. It is updated with the latest waveforms produced by the company’s Threat Management Team (TMT) to ensure the latest signal threats can be jammed.

Allan-Vanguard did not disclose which country or vehicles were on the receiving end of its ECM suite, but a photo released by the company showed OTT Puma M36 vehicles. The United States has just donated M36s to Djibouti and Niger, with Djibouti’s vehicles destined to join peacekeeping efforts in Somalia (African Union Transition Mission in Somalia). Puma M36 vehicles have also recently been supplied to Mali and Somalia.

Allen-Vanguard’s Business Director for Africa, Stuart Wilson, said “I am very proud of the hard work and dedication of all our Allen-Vanguard specialists to ensure that the ECM systems we fit for our customers provide the very latest and best possible protection in the region. It is very rewarding to know that our systems help protect our customers from the very real threat of IEDs in the region.”