Allen-Vanguard donates SCORPION ECM training equipment to Kenya


Global electronic countermeasures (ECM) specialist Allen-Vanguard was recently invited to speak on global developments in Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) at the 5th African Annual C-IED Conference held the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) Nairobi, Kenya. At the end of the event, Allen-Vanguard donated the training version of their SCOPRPION ECM manpacks to support future courses at the centre.

The guest of honour for the event was the Principal Secretary Ministry of Defence (Patrick Mariru). Following a counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) Technology Update briefing, Stuart Wilson from Allen-Vanguard presented Major General Leuria (Assistant Chief of the Defence Forces, Operations, Plans, Doctrine and Training) inert versions of their SCORPION ECM manpacks, given their extensive use on the continent, to support future C-IED training for United Nations and African Union forces who deploy on peace keeping operations.

The IPSTC was established in partnership with the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Kenya, Germany and the United Nations Development Programme to be the premier Peace Support Training, Research and Education Centre in Africa, with a mission to conduct training, education and research, informing military, police and civilian personnel in all aspects of peace support operations in order to improve the effectiveness of the response to complex emergencies for African Union nations and other countries, Allen-Vanguard said.

The annual C-IED conference is a three-day gathering of international experts across policy, research and operations with the aim of sharing knowledge, best practice and future developments to improve the training and support of the 6 000+ students that pass through the IPSTC before deploying on peace keeping operations.

As a key note speaker on C-IED Technology Update, Stuart Wilson (Allen-Vanguard – Business Development Director MENA) spoke specifically towards ECM. During his presentation, he explained the fundamentals of ECM, why it remains highly relevant, and how it reinforces the various levels of the C-IED pillars. Stuart also provided insight into potential future developments while highlighting design and operational constraints. After speaking, Sturt formally gifted the SCORPION training aids to the attending Generals and then provided training to the IPSTC instructors on their use and practical deployments considerations.

Bobby Strawbridge, Director Business Development for Allen-Vanguard, said, “We at Allen-Vanguard are very conscious that ECM equipment alone does not defeat the threat. Our vision is to create local capability, share knowledge, provide training and help to develop regional expertise so that those facing the greatest risk in peace keeping operations get the maximum possible protection. The IPSTC is a superb facility, training African nations in all aspects of peace keeping operations and we are more than happy to help contribute by supporting the defeat IED capability with our SCORPION training aids.”

Allen-Vanguard has been providing ECM systems, force protection advice and support to security forces based in Somalia, and other international organisations operating in the region, for the last decade. Last year it fitted ECM equipment to 19 OTT Puma M36 vehicles for an African nation that is a major contributor to peacekeeping missions in Africa.