Algerian Army takes delivery of 200 Mercedes vehicles


The National People’s Army (ANP) of Algeria has taken delivery of 200 locally-produced Mercedes Benz BA6 G Class four wheel-drive vehicles, which will be used by the regular army and paramilitary forces.

The Algerian Press Agency quoted the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Algerian Society of Vehicle Manufacturers – Mercedes Benz (SAFAV-MB) Colonel Krikrou Smail saying the 200 vehicles are the first to be produced from the new joint venture Mercedes Benz plant which was opened near the town of Tiaret in October last year.

In a statement released following the delivery on Sunday, the Department of National Defence said that deliveries would conclude on 15 January.
“The manufacture of these vehicles will continue from March 2015, with the launch on the same site, of the Sprinter Vans Mercedes-Benz brand manufacturing in its various versions including transport, personnel carrier, ambulance and goods transporter,” the Algerian company announced.

The motor vehicle manufacturing plant was set up in October last year as a partnership between the governments of Germany, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The plant is expected to produce 2 000 4×4 vehicles and 6 000 Sprinter passenger vehicles annually when it enters full production.

In addition to the Mercedes production facility, Algeria will receive an armoured vehicle assembly plant from Rheinmetall and this will produce Fuchs 6×6 vehicles and other parts. Algeria will build 980 Fuchs 2 vehicles as part of a 2.7 billion euro deal.

In 2011 Germany authorised the export of 54 Fuchs vehicles worth 195 million euros to Algeria, as well as other military vehicles worth 286 million euros, according to Der Spiegel. Around 1 200 Fuchs vehicles will be delivered between 2015 and 2025.

Algeria has ordered around ten billion euros worth of military equipment from Germany in the last few years, including two Meko A200 frigates from Thyssen-Krupp and SUVs and trucks from Daimler. In 2013 Algeria purchased 825 million euros worth of tank parts, SUVs and trucks from Germany.