Algeria upgrading BMP-1s


Russian company KBP Instrument Design Bureau is upgrading 360 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles for the Algerian military, after delivering 400 upgraded vehicles under an earlier contract.

Vladimir Popov, director general of KBP subsidiary Shcheglovsky Val, told TASS that “Previously, more than 400 upgraded BMP-1s were delivered to Algeria. KBP has started to carry out the second part of the contract, which is of the same size, about 360 combat vehicles.”

He said that the contract will be completed in two to three years’ time. The vehicles are being upgraded with the Berezhok combat suite, comprising four 9M133 Kornet-E anti-tank missiles, an AGS-30 30 mm automatic grenade launcher, 30 mm 2A42 main gun used on the BMP-2 and PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. The Berezhok upgrade also includes a new fire-control system and day/night optics.
“An automatic tracking device and ability to launch anti-tank missiles in salvo mode are the features of the combat module. The cost-efficiency characteristics of the upgraded BMP-2 are very impressive and its combat potential is increased by several times, so a new-generation IFV can be obtained for a relatively insignificant price,” Popov said.

Upgrade work is being carried out at the Central Logistics Base (BCL) in Blida, which supports the Algerian army, with the assistance of Russian technicians. The BCL has apparently upgraded 1 400 BMP vehicles for Algeria.

In addition to the BMP-1, Algeria has an estimated 300 BMP-2M (with 9M133 Kornet/AT-14 Spriggan missiles) and 100 BMP-3 vehicles in service.

Popov also told TASS that Algeria is interested in acquiring additional Pantsir S1-E air defence systems, but did not specify the number involved. Algeria received 38 Pantsir S1-E gun/missile self propelled air defence systems from Russia.