Algeria has acquired SR5 multiple rocket launchers


Algeria appears to have acquired SR5 multiple rocket launchers (MRLs) from China, with a number seen in a convoy in the country.

Two vehicles were photographed this week being transported through Algeria, Mena Defense reports. They join Algeria’s BM-21 and BM-30 122 and 300 mm rocket launchers.

The SR5 is manufactured by China’s Norinco and can fire either 20 122 mm rockets or six 220 mm rockets. These can be conventional high explosive rockets or Fire Dragon 40 guided rockets with a 40 km range and accuracy of 25 metres. The SR5 can also fire 220 mm King Dragon 60 laser-guided rockets with a range of 70 km.

The type was first unveiled in 2012 and is based on a 6×6 truck. It uses interchangeable modular rocket pods – a single SR5 can carry both 122 and 220 mm rockets simultaneously as it uses two separate pods, making it a versatile system.

Deployment of the rockets takes five minutes, and the vehicle can leave its firing position within a minute. Reloading takes around ten minutes. Reloads are carried in a separate vehicle.

On the export market, the SR5 is also in service with Venezuela and Bahrain.