African customers signing up for Streit’s training programmes


A significant number of clients who have signed up for Streit’s new Defence and Emergency training courses are from Africa, with ten countries on the continent scheduled to carry out training with the company.

Streit’s global Defence and Emergency training programme was officially launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition last month, with more than 120 specialised courses on offer.

More than 2 000 Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Ministry of Defence (MOD) personnel are already booked onto courses due to be run in the next six months alone, Streit said. Ten African countries as well as two Asian and two South American have signed up for training.

While driving courses have proved to be particularly popular, Streit said its training programme also includes expert training on varied topics as riot control, close protection, maritime security, medical treatment, rescue work, dealing with weapons, dog handling, air marshal training and dealing with explosives. Various driving courses on offer, such as police, motorcycle, night driving, desert driving etc., are complemented by a training module for mechanics.

Streit has traditionally completed training courses at client sites, but from 2015 will also be able to train clients at its dedicated training centre currently under development at its factory location in Ras al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
“The driving methods, defensive strategies and other skills we teach will help organisations to adapt more quickly in response to the region’s rapidly evolving security challenges. Whether the threat comes from militant militias, terrorists or any other source of conflict, we can provide the skill sets – as well as the vehicles – to give you the very best defence force,” said Streit Group Chief Executive Guerman Goutorov.

Apart from training, Streit was also showcasing its numerous vehicles at AAD 2014, as Africa is an important market for the company. For instance, a North African customer recently ordered 36 Shrek mine protected vehicles including 23 demining versions, 12 armoured personnel carrier versions and 12 ambulance versions.

Streit has sold around 160 Typhoon MRAPs to an African customer which is a broker for the United Nations. The vehicles will mostly be used in North Africa. Its popular Spartan vehicle has been sold to North African and West African customers while the Cougar armoured vehicle remains a popular choice in Africa. It is, according to Streit, the cheaper B6 vehicle on the market, reassuringly based on a Toyota Land Cruiser chassis.

At AAD Streit displayed its Varan 6×6 armoured personnel carrier, which has attracted “massive” interest from the African market. The Varan concept is still being developed with an 8×8 version due to be released in the near future. Its configuration should be finalised by the end of the year. Streit hopes to bring it to market for $800 000 to $1 million, which is less than many other vehicles in its class.

Some of the various African countries that operate Streit vehicles include Nigeria (Spartan), South Sudan (Typhoon), Egypt (riot control vehicles for the Egyptian Interior Ministry) and Libya (mostly Spartan APCs but some Typhoons). An unidentified African customer has ordered 480 riot control vehicles and another African country is using the Warrior APC with Shershen guide missiles.

The 480-vehicle contract, announced in June this year, is the company’s largest ever. The vehicles will enter service in early 2015 and will be built at Streit’s Ras Al Khaimah factory, one of 12 production facilities worldwide.

Streit Group specialises in armouring and provides up-armouring and armoured vehicles independently, or in partnership with OEMs. The company has delivered more than 12 000 vehicles, many of which have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Streit’s growing portfolio includes personal protection vehicles, cash-in transit vehicles, heavy-duty cash-in-transit trucks, law-enforcement vehicles and vehicles for military tactical units. Armouring can also be provided for existing civilian platforms such as custom-built luxury sedans and SUVs.

Streit emphasises that everyone who has been involved in an incident while travelling in a Streit Group vehicle has lived to tell the story.