ADG Mobility manufacturing tactical crane for African client


ADG Mobility, which specialises in the design and manufacture of protected vehicles, is manufacturing the first Kone CXT Explorer Tactical Crane System for an African client.

The company, which was established last year, recently received a distributors’ agreement to co-manufacture and sell the Kone Cranes Explorer Tactical Crane. This is suitable for field workshops in remote areas as it is transported in two ISO containers, one of which contains a fully equipped field workshop inside. The other one contains the crane, which is able to lift up to 6.3 tons.

The Explorer comprises the Kone CXT electric overhead crane on a steel structure atop a base made from two standard ISO shipping containers, which double as storage for the crane components, service tools, equipment, and spare parts. This gives a lifting height of 5 meters and a span of 5 meters. It can be assembled, ready to lift, in just a few hours.

ADG Mobility Ltd (ADGM) was formed in January 2017 by the founding members, senior management and engineers of Land Mobility Technologies (LMT) to focus solely on development and in-country production for international clients.

Its aim is to focus on the design, development and manufacturing of protected mobility solutions and support equipment, with the emphasis on 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles with high mobility and extreme levels of landmine, IED (improvised explosive device) and ballistic protection. It also offers industrialisation and production solutions, setting up vehicle production factories in country.

ADG Mobility was incorporated in December 2016 and has its engineering offices and factory in Waltloo, Pretoria.