VBS3 at Homeland Security simulation training conference


One of eight confirmed exhibitors for this week’s Training and Simulation for Homeland Security conference is Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) where a sneak preview of the latest addition to its widely used virtual battlespace (VBS) series in the form of VBS3 will be on display.

In addition to insight on how tactical training simulators can meet both current and future needs of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) via VBS3, conference delegates will also be able to explore some of its key features with technical personnel from South African reseller Laser Shot SA on hand to answer questions. The latest upgrade to BISim’s specification has been driven by feedback and requirements of key military customers making it state-of-the-art.

Demonstrations of mission rehearsal scenarios based on specially produced virtual terrain of actual SANDF areas of operations adds even more value to the training tool which a spokesman said is the most comprehensive, flexible and capable military simulation tool available to date.

VBS3 builds on 10 years of experience delivering advanced simulation technologies to military organisations internationally. It is a consolidated tactical training and mission rehearsal solution, combining flexible terrain and scenario editors with a high-fidelity virtual environment for networked training and post-action reviews. VBS3 can also be used as an image generator in simulators and can emulate a wide range of devices and weapon platforms.

The two-day conference starts on Wednesday at the SANDF’s Centre for Conflict Simulation (CONSIM) in Thaba Tshwane and will be opened by Major General Barney Hlatshwayo, chief director ops development of Joint Operations.

A number of other training simulation specialists will also be using the CONSIM site to showcase products they believe can assist in providing proper training without the expense of having to continuously stage field exercises. These include Cybicom Atlas Defence, which recently unveiled its ship’s bridge simulator advanced concept demonstrator for the SA Navy; Kolskoot Dimension Software which extensively uses laser technology in firearms training; Saab; BAE Systems; Swedish company Pitch Technologies whose president will deliver a paper on enhancing gaming technology with cloud simulation and other simulation training specialist companies.