SMART Board goes military

SMART Technologies has launched its new collaborative communications systems for the military, comprising a SMART Board interactive whiteboard with integrated projector, SMART Meeting Pro software and Bridgit conferencing software for real-time remote meetings.
“Worldwide, one of the largest users of SMART products is government and the military,” says Gary Bekker, CEO of Edge Interactive, SMART`s Africa distributor.
“Military units across the globe trust SMART`s hardware and software products to make communicating with troops more relevant, dynamic and action-oriented,” he adds.
“SMART`s interactive products facilitate the sharing of information in training facilities, briefing rooms or command and control centres, assisting the defence force and air force to deliver dynamic, real-time information to troops at home or abroad.”
At the heart of the system is the SMART Board interactive whiteboard ­– a large touch-sensitive screen that works with a computer and a data projector, providing immediate access to a wide range of digital materials and a common focus for all participants.
SMART Meeting Pro software can be used with single or multiple SMART Board interactive whiteboards to create connected training and meeting rooms. Distributed teams can instantly set up a data conference, write in digital ink over any application, share desktops and notes and save their work.
“These breakthrough solutions provide a robust level of interactivity that enable all participants, regardless of location, to take part in training sessions, meetings or discussions as if they were in the same room,” says Bekker. “This can significantly reduce travel costs and time associated with bringing distributed team members to the same location.
“In today`s complex military environment, organisations face challenges that can be addressed through more effective collaboration. SMART products enable distributed teams to be on the same page instantly, opening new possibilities to speed decisions, reduce costs, and improve effectiveness in training and meeting environments.”
SMART Technologies won a Top 100 Award in 2007 from the Military Training Technology magazine (USA) for its significant impact on the military training industry through technology and innovation and its contribution to military excellence.
SMART customers include many high profile military organisations around the world, such as the Royal
Canadian Air Force, US Military, Swiss Army, Australian Department of Defence, NASA and Airbus Industrie.