Sensors, counter-drone system amongst ECM Technologies displays at AAD


ECM Technologies will devote almost half of its stand at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2018 exhibition between 19 and 23 September to a

sensor zone, and will also be launching a new thermal sighting range and counter-drone system.

Under its longstanding agreement with Trijicon, ECM Technologies has added the OASYS thermal imaging and aiming technology range to its portfolio and this will be shown at AAD. The range consists of the SKEETIR x Micro Thermal Imaging Monocular, UTB x Universal Thermal Binocular, UTB x-LRF Universal Thermal Binocular–Laser Range Finder, UTC x Universal Thermal Clip-on and UTM x Universal Thermal Monocular.
“ECM Technologies have been the exclusive South African distributor for Trijicon for more than 25 years,” said ECM Technologies Managing Director, Eric Milburn. “It is very exciting to be able to add to what we believe to be the most advanced combat day optics in the world with this new range of thermal imaging and aiming monoculars, weapons sights and binoculars”.

Trijicon products are already in extensive use by the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

The OASYS range is part of ECM Technologies’ sensor zone, which will, amongst others, be showcasing image intensifiers from Photonis, Nivisys and Qioptiq; standalone and weapons sights; monocular sights; thermal weapons sights from Qioptiq and thermal monoculars/binoculars from Trijicon; the SAKER Fused Weapon Sight (thermal and image intensification); gyros and inertial measurement systems from UTC Aerospace; and Excelitas emitters and detectors for laser ranging and designating, proximity fuzing and laser warning.

Sofradir will be demonstrating their Scorpio infrared detector which has been integrated into a full gimbal mounted infrared camera by South African company Tower 35. Sofradir will also demonstrate its SNAKE infrared detector.

To meet the growing threat posed by commercial drones weaponised by terrorists and insurgents or used for criminal activity, ECM Technologies will be locally launching Allen Vanguard’s new ANCIL Counter Drone capability. This combats drones (including swarms) through a battle-proven RF (radio frequency) inhibition system to disrupt command and control links. It assures total enforcement of a no-fly zone, for example to protect convoys, operating bases, sensitive locations and public events (for example, one of the first real deployments of the product was protecting world leaders at the G7 Summit held in Canada in June).

Also at AAD, ECM Technologies will be launching in South Africa Chemring Technology Solutions’ new LORIS (Long-range Radio Initiator System) remote explosives initiator system which supports unexploded ordnance (UXO) disposal, demolition, and other military engineering applications.

LORIS will, over time, replace the Mini-Rabs system currently in service with the SANDF.

The ECM Technologies stand can be found in Hangar 4 at Air Force Base Waterkloof.