SAAF invests in Rhode & Schwarz holdings


The South African Air Force has awarded Protea Electronics of Bramley, Johannesburg an extension to an existing contract to maintain its holding of Rohde & Schwarz radios, directional finders and related equipment.

The R3 508 771 contract was awarded last week and takes spending on the product system to R22 398 747.90 since September 2008.

Founded and still headquartered in Munich, Germany, the family-owned company has approximately 7400 employees and achieved a net revenue of € 1.3 billion in 2009/10.

Maintenance and support of Rohde & Shwartz Radios, Directional finders and related equipment for the SA Air Force – extension of ELGS/2009/553

LGS/S2010/4464 5 Aug 2010 R79 029,38 Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd

LGS/S2011/4789 23 Jun 2011 R3 508 771,00 Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd

Maintenance and support of the Rohde and Schwarz radios, Directional finders and related equipment for the SAAF

ELGS/2009/553 17 Jun 2010 R15 371 143,52 Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd

Support services for the Rohde & Schwarts communication equipment – extension of ELGS/2003/339

LGS/S2008/3788 25 Sep 2008 R1 439 804,00 Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd