Saab Grintek provides tracking system for UN


Saab Grintek`s GSM and satellite tracking system has been adopted by the United Nations for training on the African continent.Local technology and defence group Saab Grintek has developed a GSM and satellite-based tracking system that has been adopted for training and external deployment purposes by the United Nations (UN).

This is one of the latest products developed by Saab Grintek, following its acquisition of a 25% stake in South African defence software group CyberSim.

Ockert van der Schyf, Saab Grintek director of programmes and marketing, says the UN has employed the system to improve its tracking capabilities of units and personnel during South African and African training deployments.

The company, says Van der Schyf, is also involved with regular upgrades of the system and the training of military personnel in the use of the product. The GSM/satellite system, he notes, provides better tracking capabilities than the traditional voice communications previously used for this purpose by the UN in Africa.

The acquisition of the CyberSim interest has allowed Saab Grintek to expand its command and control capabilities and widen its product range in this space, explains Van der Schyf. Most of these products are targeted at the South African and African defence sectors, as well as the African Union, he adds.

Some of these products, he says, are also aimed at the international market, where they will be Saab-branded.

The CyberSim deal was also seen as key to unlocking synergies in development, with Saab Grintek focusing on aerospace applications, while CyberSim builds on its experience in landward solutions.

“Through our collaboration, CyberSim and Saab Grintek will consolidate their dominance in the local command and control systems market. Add to this Saab`s training and simulation expertise and we will have an impressive systems capability, backed by world-class strategic partners, enabling us to address the various local and African requirements, especially in the areas of peace support training and operations,” said Grintek chairman Zoli Kunene at the time of the acquisition.

Van der Schyf says Saab Grintek is awaiting the outcome of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) tender for a new military intelligence system. The successful bidder is expected to be announced within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Saab Grintek is also waiting for the announcement of the SANDF`s acquisition tender for a command and control system, he confirmed.