Reutech demonstrating CW ranging radar


Reutech Radar Systems (RRS) has received a R943 970 contract to demonstrate a frequency modulated continuous wave ranging radar concept.

While neither Reutech Radar Systems no state arms agency Armscor had responded to requests for more information, it appears this is a technology demonstration project funded through the Directorate Technology of the Defence Materiel Division of the Defence Secretariat.

Indications are the project involves the development of a 3D (three dimensional) air defence artillery radar for the land-based variant of the Denel Dynamics Umkhonto infra-red guided short-range air defence missile (Project Protector), to be known as the DBR XL. Reports indicate the land variant will twin the Umkhonto Mk II missile with a containerised launcher being developed in consultation with with the SA Army Air Defence Artillery. This will integrate with a command centre and the new three dimensional radar.

The radar project appears new. First mention of it on the Armscor tender system was in April when RRS was asked to tender by May 18. The R643 970 contract was awarded on July 1.

Meanwhile, a R9 178 848 contract has been awarded to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research for the development of a facility for evaluation of radars and testing of electronic counter measure techniques. This is said to be a continuation of existing work.


Frequency modulated continuous wave ranging radar concept demonstration

1 Jul 2010

R643 970

Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Ltd



Development of a facility for evaluation of radars and testing of electronic counter measure techniques – continuation of existing work

1 Jul 2010

R9 178 848


t/a DPSS


Pic: The RSR 940 Spider covert continuous wave air and sea surface surveillance radar, a new Reutech product, undergoing testing at Simon’s Town.