Pentagon to use VOIP


In this World Wide Wrap: Pentagon to use VOIP, financial institutions at risk, and higher education concerned with VOIP.

Pentagon to use VOIP

The Pentagon is installing VOIP as part of its transformation in the Defence Department, says

General Dynamics Network Systems was awarded the contract, worth $18.4 million, to design and install the VOIP system for the DOD`s Renovation and Construction programme office

The award represents the continuing work on the Wedge 2-5 stage of the modernisation project, a phase that includes the renovation of four million square feet of space in the Pentagon.

Financial institutions at risk

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) says financial institutions need to be more aware of the security risks related to VOIP, reports The Open Press.

The FDIC gives financial institutions advice to help protect them from possible VOIP security threats. The organisation says VOIP is susceptible to the same security risks as data networks if security policies and configurations are inadequate.

The risks associated with VOIP should be evaluated as part of a financial institution`s periodic risk assessment, and status reports should be submitted to the board of directors.

Higher education concerned with VOIP

A survey by the Association for Communications Professionals in Higher Education says that less than half of North America`s colleges and universities have moved over to VOIP, but they will be ready for changes in the next six months to two years, reports Campus Technology.

From the 279 schools surveyed, 43% of the schools are using VOIP, but most said their VOIP network covers less than 25% of their campus.

Of the schools who gave their VOIP network a grade, the responses averaged out to a B, or a 3.13 grade point average, and 25% said their networks were ‘incomplete`.