Nigeria selects Saab Grintek communications equipment


The Nigerian Army has implemented Saab Grintek communication equipment on 25 boats patrolling the Niger Delta.Nigerian Army patrol boats on active peace keeping duties in the Niger Delta are better able to communicate safely after a recent installation of communications equipment by Grintek.

The Niger Delta, which extends roughly over 70 000 square kilometres and makes up 7.5% of Nigeria`s land mass, is home to over 20 million people of more than 40 ethnic groups, speaking some 250 dialects. Being able to communicate effectively under these conditions becomes critical.

Saab Grintek was recently awarded the contract to install communication equipment on 25 patrol boats belonging to the Nigerian Army. The vessels form part of project “Restore Hope” – a peace keeping mission by the Nigerian Army in the Niger Delta. There is further contract pending for the installation of communications equipment in another 25 boats.

The boats are equipped with HF and VUHF transceivers and Saab Grintek is the exclusive supplier. The deal was secured through Saab Grintek`s Teaming Partner, Suncraft International.

Saab Grintek undertook active field trials for a two week period to show that the equipment met stringent military operating specifications. The tests included a water test and the drop test.

In the water test the equipment was submerged under water for 15 minutes. After being retrieved from the water, the equipment is still expected to work flawlessly. Similarly, the drop test is designed to test the equipment`s ruggedness and durability. It was dropped from a height equivalent of a one storey window and remained fully operational.

“Saab Grintek`s transceivers passed both trials with impressive test results,” said Alan Pasker. “Our equipment compares with the best on the international market, and has been a real contributor to the success of Restore Hope.”