Military turns to SOA


In this World Wide Wrap: Military turns to SOA, open source SOA project evolves, and Burton refocuses areas.

Military turns to SOA

The US Marine Corps is actively seeking vendors to advise the military branch on the development and governance of SOA, says ADT Mag.

"The corps published a request for information on 2 April that seeks insight, ideas, initiatives and processes," reported`s Michael Hardy.

According to Hardy, the marines are cautious of the problems of implementing SOA, particularly considering the mission-critical requirements of its technology infrastructure.

Open source SOA project evolves

After community incubation and development for nearly two years, the Apache CXF open source SOA and middleware interoperability framework evolved last week into a full project of the Apache Software Foundation, states ZDNet.

CXF, with some 60 000 downloads since July 2007, takes its place alongside 60 other Apache projects.

CXF`s graduation from incubator to project status involved widespread developer collaboration, taking it through six releases.

Burton refocuses areas

Burton Group, a research and consulting firm focused on in-depth analysis of enterprise technologies, has announced five new consulting practice areas, according to Market Wire.

These include: application development and cost control; infrastructure and operations architecture and sourcing; identity and security; secure and available networks; workforce location and communication strategies.

"Given the stress of our current economic reality, it is crucial that IT organisations practice due diligence to plan dependencies, implications and constraints directly linking business strategies to IT actions, and Burton Group Consulting Services is their friend and ally in that effort," says Stu Selip, VP of Burton Group Consulting Services.