Mandela Bay Metro to get gunshot detection systems


Mandela Bay will be acquiring Shot Spotter gunshot detection systems to control crime and gang violence in the municipality.

This is according to Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip, who announced earlier this week that “This measure could see the illegal use of firearms and associated violence drastically reduced in some of the city’s most dangerous areas.”

A memorandum of understanding has been signed with an unspecified supplier to deploy Shot Spotter technology. Trollip said “the technology will be installed at secret locations over the next two months and will be jointly monitored by Metro Police and SAPS.
“Piloted in the City of Cape Town, the gun shot detection technology immediately notifies nearby law enforcement each time a firearm is discharged, dispatching police to the exact location of the gunshot,” he said.
“Not only does this drastically reduce response time, but it allows for analysis of shooting patterns to inform policing operations.”

Trollip noted that in three months after Shot Spotter technology was deployed in Manenberg, Cape Town, the total number of incidents dropped from 211 to 31.

Shot Spotter makes use of acoustic sensors to detect gunfire, which identify and time-stamp specific noises. The system then classifies and triangulates the location and type of gunshots to within 10 feet; experts then validate they are gunshots – all within 30-45 seconds of a gun being fired.