Lockheed Martin tests solid-state radar antenna


In this World Wide Wrap: Lockheed Martin tests solid-state radar antenna, BAE demonstrates passive geo-location technology, SAIC wins Defence Threat Reduction Agency contract, and Danish Navy purchases Thales suite.

Lockheed Martin tests solid-state radar antenna

Lockheed Martin has displayed live tracks with its internally developed Scalable Solid-State S-band Radar (S4R) Engineering Development Model (EDM).

The live tracks demonstrate Lockheed Martin`s proven approach to an active antenna-based radar system designed with commercial hardware and open architecture software.

The S4R EDM is an active, electronically-steered, antenna-based radar system designed to be scalable to support multiple missions, including air surveillance, cruise missile defence, ballistic missile defence, counter-target acquisition and littoral operations.

BAE demonstrates passive geo-location technology

BAE Systems has demonstrated a passive geo-location capability that enables aircraft to quickly and accurately identify enemy positions in crowded radio frequency (RF) environments.

The company demonstrated the ability to nearly instantaneously construct a geo-location solution, without the need for multiple aircraft to simultaneously receive the same pulse of an enemy radar signal.

The new capability enables aircraft to calculate geo-location with any RF signal.

SAIC wins Defence Threat Reduction Agency contract

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has won a contract from the Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to work on the Integrated Weapons of Mass Destruction Toolset Phase II.

Through this contract, SAIC will move validated DTRA modelling and simulation chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) tools to a Web portal, develop a laptop capability and provide a common CBRNE information systems architecture.

This will allow users to rapidly access CBRNE planning, emergency response and assessment capabilities.

Danish Navy purchases Thales suite

The Naval Materiel Command of the Royal Danish Navy and Thales Nederland have signed a contract for the delivery of three Thales Anti Air Warfare (AAW) suites.

Each AAW suite consists of one APAR Multifunction Radar, a SMART-L Volume Search Radar and a Fire Control Cluster.

The suites are to be installed on the new patrol ships for the Royal Danish Navy. The three ships will be handed over to the Royal Danish Navy in the period between 2011 and 2013.