LM and Harris to develop innovative full-motion video intelligence tools

Lockheed Martin and Harris Corporation have signed a collaboration agreement to develop next-generation technologies for managing and analysing full-motion video intelligence. The two companies will use their collective expertise and resources to create new video analysis solutions for defence, intelligence and commercial customers.

“Full-motion video has exceptional potential for intelligence collection and analysis,” said Jim Kohlhaas, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of Spatial Solutions.

“Thousands of platforms are collecting important video intelligence every day. The challenge is to collect and catalogue that huge volume of footage, and give analysts the tools they need to find, interpret and share the critical intelligence that can be gleaned from that mountain of data. We’re very pleased to be working with Harris on this important initiative.”
“Harris is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software for the broadcast industry,” said Tim Thorsteinson, president of Harris Broadcast Communications.

“With decades of experience providing world-class solutions that continuously exceed the exacting demands of broadcasters worldwide, Harris is uniquely qualified to apply broadcast technology to the challenges facing the defense and intelligence markets.

Leveraging Harris’s commercial broadcast technologies and expertise with Lockheed Martin’s strong base of government customers provides an excellent basis to understand and solve video analysis problems.”

Lockheed Martin and Harris will pursue full-motion video technology opportunities in the US and international defence and intelligence markets. The companies will also embark on joint research and development into new video technologies, focusing on automation and advanced applications for performing in-depth analysis, both in real-time and on archival footage.

The companies will also work on new solutions for cataloguing, storing and securely sharing video intelligence across organizational and geographic boundaries to include bandwidth constrained users.

Both companies have extensive experience in video exploitation and management. In 2007 Harris released its Full-Motion Video Asset Management Engine, or FAME(TM), which integrates video, chat, and audio directly into the video stream. It also integrates a powerful processing and storage engine into a single digital architecture that provides the infrastructure for changing the way video is ingested and streamed to the user community.

Lockheed Martin recently debuted Audacity(TM), a video analytics engine that tags, sorts and catalogues digital footage. Audacity includes integrated intelligence tools such as video mosaic creation, facial recognition, object tracking and smart auto-alerts based around geospatial areas of interest.