Lego type stackable ammo boxes from Denmark


For many years, one of the products closely identified with Denmark has been the stackable plastic toy bricks made by Lego. Soon the country might be renowned for lightweight stackable plastic ammunition cases.

Standard NATO metal ammunition cases are relatively heavy and not stackable because the top handle gets in the way and there is no gripping mechanism.

The Light Weight Ammunition Case, LWAC, made by Danish company PlastPackDefence has handles, which do not protrude when stacked. The boxes can be securely stacked due to nodules on the bottom side of each box which slightly extend into the box below. Due to the use of a composite plastic, the Danish designed cases weigh nearly 70 percent less than the current metal box in service. Because the LWAC can be neatly stacked, their use allows ten percent more ammunition to be carried on a standard NATO pallet.

The LWAC allows cross and vertical stacking, which is useful for secure transport. And the plastic means no heat transfer, no sparks, no static electricity risk, less noise, and is easily recyclable.

In addition, there is a choice of multiple colours for different types of ammunition. To allow for “track and trace” an inbuilt RFID tag can be built into boxes.

The LWAC are currently used by the Danish forces and are being evaluated by Norway, Singapore, United Arab Emirates Arab Emirates, UK, and US.