Imperial Armour launches shock bags and belt at IFSEC


Imperial Armour yesterday launched two innovative new products at the IFSEC security exhibition outside Johannesburg: a riot belt and a series of cash in transit bags that give electric shocks when activated.

The bags are intended for transporting valuables while the Passive Riot Belt is for use when transporting prisoners.

The cash in transit bags are made from nylon with copper wire sewn in to shock through the bag as well as through straps and handles. A remote control can activate the shock mechanism from 50-100 metres away. A 110 decibel siren is also activated. Although the shock (2 000 V) is not strong enough to kill, it does go through clothing.

Although designed mainly for cash in transit duties, the bags are available in a number of different formats, including rucksack, laptop bag, handbag and clutch cash deposit bag. Louisa Garland-Els, the Managing Director of Imperial Armour, believes the shock bags are a uniquely South African product. She said people were dying to get their hands on them as there have been many problems with robbers going into banks and running off with money bags and that this new solution would help people safely transport cash and recover it if robbed. She added that there had been many enquiries at IFSEC.

Also launched at IFSEC 2014, the Passive Riot Belt was developed in response to a request from a Middle Eastern customer for use in transporting prisoners and deterring them from escaping. “The Passive Riot Belt is able to deter or immobilise a prisoner/aggressor in the process of restoring order with minimum force,” according to Imperial Armour.

A prisoner’s handcuffs are attached to two metal rings in the belt but there are also wrist and arm restraints. Wires throughout the belt provide the shock so that the total belt does not have to make contact to work. Cables throughout the belt prevent it from being cut through with a knife. Like the shock bag, the belt is remotely activated from 50-100 metres away and also features a 110 decibel siren.

Garland-Els told defenceWeb that Imperial Armour is busy executing its largest ever order, for the UAE armed forces. This R17 million contract is for de-mining equipment, including de-mining aprons and other items. As a result of an influx in orders, the Imperial Armour factory is being expanded and new machinery added.