Gaming laptops become mainstream


In this World Wide Wrap: Gaming laptops become mainstream, defence uses gaming to recruit, and CSI creator punts gaming.

Gaming laptops become mainstream

Desktops have long been the vanguard of PC gaming, but laptops are starting to push up through the ranks, says The Sun Times.

Until fairly recently there was a marked difference between a "gaming laptop" and a "mainstream laptop".

Not only are the differences becoming fewer and fewer, but mainstream laptops are becoming quite viable for gaming.

Defence uses gaming to recruit

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has launched its 12th online game in a bid to engage Generation Y and boost recruitment, says Computer World.

The ADF`s online games are designed to entertain and inform potential recruits about the variety of jobs available in the forces.

A report compiled by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) estimates the ADF has spent $3.8 billion since 2001 trying to fill an ongoing skills gap, especially in engineering.

CSI creator punts gaming

Anthony Zuiker, creator of the TV show CSI, told an audience of gaming execs that television can be saved by videogames, says

Delivering the keynote address at MI6, an annual conference on game marketing, Zuiker said that creating content that extends from broadcast TV to mobile phones to games and back keeps audiences involved no matter what entertainment device they prefer.

"The future of all broadcast," Zuiker said, is developing deeper connections with other types of media, and said that television "will suffer" if it doesn`t attempt to hook viewers currently more enamoured with Web clips and videogames.