French Army tests new tactical terminal for UAV systems


The French Army’s 61st Artillery Regiment recently field tested the new ERS-RVT terminal designed by Sagem for tactical data exchange and direct image reception from the Sperwer UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

The company says ERS-RVT stands for End Reception Station – Remote Video Terminal.

Developed by Sagem, the ERS-RVT allows troops on the ground and forward observers to receive and transmit video images acquired by the UAV. The ERS-RVT incorporates feedback from previous missions, and provides a more accurate assessment of threats to enhance the safety of front-line troops in hostile environments.

The ERS-RVT comprises a tactical terminal and a man-portable transmitter-receiver, providing real-time, high-resolution displays of geo-referenced images, along with a digital map. Meeting NATO interoperability standards, the ERS-RVT features a modular, open and scalable architecture, capable of using different waveforms and bandwidths.
“This system will allow us to expect more in the way of decision aids for lower command levels. The results of these trials were conclusive: ERs-RVT offers an excellent image, and its ergonomic design enables highly intuitive operation,” said one member of the 61st Artillery Regiment.

Developed by Sagem as part of its new Sperwer Mk II tactical drone system, the ERS-RVT can also be adapted to Sperwer systems already in service.