Djibouti gets TETRA


EADS Defence & Security has been awarded a contract by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology of the Bundeswehr (IT-AmtBw) to set up a nationwide TETRAPOL radio network in Djibouti. No value was disclosed.

This contract is an extension of the TETRAPOL radio network installed by EADS Defence & Security for the police in Djibouti City as part of the German government’s equipment support programme in 2008.

The new contract will enable the police forces in Djibouti to carry out nationwide operations from late next year onwards.

EADS Defence & Security will implement the project on location in close collaboration with the

Bundeswehr’s German advisory group in Djibouti.

The nationwide communication network comprises a central switching system linked to three base stations distributed across the country and connected via radio relay systems. Depending on their topology and the radio coverage they require, other locations will be equipped with independent

digital repeaters (IDRs) that are connected via gateways.

An EADS news release notes the police will be equipped with TPH700 handheld radio devices and TPM700 vehicle radios. The system will be complemented by a separate training facility in Djibouti City, which will be used to train the network’s operators and users.

Pic: A TETRAcommunications tower at the South African police’s Midrand 10111 TETRA command cente