Denel and Tawazun win R5 billion missile contract from UAE


Tawazun Dynamics, the joint venture company created by Denel and Tawazun, has been awarded a R5 billion contract from the United Arab Emirates Air Force for precision guided munitions (PGMs) for its Mirage 2000-9 fighters.

The fighter jets will receive the Tawazun Dynamics developed Al Tariq bomb guidance kit, it was announced at the Dubai Air Show yesterday. Denel Group CEO Riaz Saloojee said the order demonstrates Denel’s global competence in designing world-class precision-guided munitions and missile systems.
“The new contract also confirms the wisdom of Denel’s strategic decision to enter into an international long-term partnership with Tawazun. It strengthens our global profile and opens new markets for Denel’s growing range of defence and security-related products and services,” said Saloojee.

The Al Tariq weapon, the first product from the Tawazun Dynamics stable, is a strap-on kit that turns conventional bombs into guided weapons. Al Tariq has a number of range options, from 40 km for the standard version to 100 km for the long-range version. The weapon can also be pre-programmed to engage targets from specific directions and at different dive angles.

The Al Tariq recently concluded tests against static and moving targets. Denel said that the targets were hit with an accuracy of more than 1.5 metres. Weapon navigation was by means of the advanced GPS-aided inertial navigation system which gives the weapon all-weather and day and night capabilities, the company said.
“The integration of the Al Tariq with the Mirage, manufactured by Dassault Aviation is an important milestone for both Denel and Tawazun, and expectations are that the bomb systems will in future also be fitted onto other fighter jets,” Denel said.

In September 2012, Denel Dynamics announced the establishment of Tawazun Dynamics, the Middle East region’s first facility for the development, manufacture, assembly and integration of precision-guided systems for conventional air munitions. Tawazun Dynamics is 51% owned by Tawazun Holdings and 49% by Denel.

Tawazun Holdings is a strategic investment holding company focused on defence and specialised manufacturing, owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Denel said the joint venture with Tawazun provides Denel with an important foothold in a strategically important region. In terms of its new marketing strategy, Denel is focusing on entering new markets in Africa, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific Region and Latin America.