CSIR to host sixth military information communications symposium


The ever-growing importance of cyber technology, both in terms of threats and intelligence, comes under the military microscope in the first quarter of next year.

The SA National Defence Force’s (SANDF) Command Management Information Systems Division (CMIS), in conjunction with the State Information Technology Agency (SITA), will be taking an in-depth look at military information and communications technology in a fast evolving cyber world from February 3 to 7.

Ahead of the sixth Military Information Communications Symposium South Africa (MICSSA) a statement issued by the organising committee said the 2014 edition of the symposium would continue the tradition of promoting information and communication related developments among the wider South African defence community, government and industry.

MICSSA has been and will continue to be a platform where ideas, strategies, requirements and potential solutions can be shared and discussed, the statement said.
“Information is key to any business, organisation and defence force. It has been said information equals power but in the modern technology driven information age, relevant information in the right format at the right time is power.
“The rapidly evolving cyber world provides interconnectivity and the dissemination of information in any format (text, voice, data, video or others) in near real-time (everything tends to be over IP thus creating net-centrism). The internet (Cyberspace) has paved the road for positive and negative use i.e. commerce, crime, warfare, espionage and even terrorism. In the past, ICT was categorised in three distinctive domains which were used for the ‘transportation’ of information namely the Electromagnetic Spectrum (mainly radio communications), the Human domain (cognitive) and the Network Spectrum (which referred to computers linked in a network making use of only copper or fibre optic cables).
“With the evolution of the Network spectrum where computer networks are now linked wirelessly, the Electromagnetic Spectrum is being absorbed into cyberspace.
“The question is now posed, how will future military operational command and control as well as the management and administrative support functions be influenced by the rapidly evolving cyber world?” the statement said ahead of the symposium at the CSIR Conference Centre.