CSIR showcasing gunshot detection system at AAD


The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is showcasing its recently developed prototype acoustic gunshot detection system at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) expo in Centurion.

The CSIR said during the show that the gunshot detection system is able to identify (or dismiss) if such an impulse noise (such as a sharp, loud bang) was a real gunshot and can identify where the shot came from.

The demonstrator comprises sensors in a three-dimensional array and related analogue and digital electronics. A graphical user interface displays the signal and gunshot information to the user, indicating relative and actual bearing relative to the array. With gunshot signatures it is possible for the system to identify the calibre of the gun from the signature of the shot. All the data parameters are recorded and available for post-analysis, if required, the CSIR said.

The system can interface with command centres via the Cmore network providing tactical information. The potential to coordinate with other systems and provide common feedback will provide both field and command centre operatives live data and situational feedback. This ability to rapidly dispatch information to a designated control room or operations centre will provide the situation commanders with the agility to respond tactically to evolving events, the CSIR said.

The system has the potential to operate from both static and mobile installations and from varied power sources such as batteries and solar power.

The mobile system can be vehicle mounted and used in applications such as crowd control operations, peace keeping missions and in border patrols to detect and localise hostile activity.

The CSIR noted that a static installation is ideal at strategic points in game reserves or border areas for intelligence gathering. In a distributed configuration, the system can also support neighbourhood security.