CSIR and Denel working together to protect South Africa and its assets


Real time situational awareness in the defence, safety and security environments is set to become more effective following local development of a software platform that will be further commercialised by Denel Integrated Systems and Maritime (DISM).

Cmore, a Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) developed and designed platform, integrates and processes data from different sensors and communication devices and has already been put into service to track rhino poachers before they kill in the Kruger National Park.

Priaash Ramadeen of the CSIR said the national research organisation supports SANParks with technology, evaluation and advice, as well as improving systems for surveillance and detection and providing secure tools for collecting and analysing data pertaining to poaching tactics. The Cmore platform is Kruger’s core command and control system in the fight against poaching.

Cmore development was partially funded by Armscor.

Zwelakhe Ntshepe, Denel acting chief executive, said information management was a key element of a complete command, control and communications system. Cmore has the capability of securing sensitive information and also securely share that information with identified agencies and organisations. This, in turn, promotes and supports co-operation and collaboration, a necessity in the South African defence and security sectors when it comes to issues including wildlife poaching and trafficking in wildlife products.

Defence and security agencies and organisations, including the SA National Defence Force (SANDF), need to be able to detect events, monitor field progress, provide rapid feedback and facilitate collaboration between various operational teams.

In addition to tracking suspected poachers, Cmore can also be utilised in border protection and safeguarding where a funding hampered South African National Defence Force is battling to keep illegals from entering South Africa.

Ntshepe said Denel Integrated Systems and Maritime (Denel ISM) was committed to provide “sovereign solutions for protecting South Africans and the country assets”.
“We see wide applications for Cmore in the justice, crime prevention and security fields”.

Herman le Roux, who heads the Cmore team at the CSIR, said the platform has been under development for the past five years. “We are looking forward to working with Denel to take the shared situation awareness and collaborative platform from the laboratory to the security market.”

The value of Cmore was demonstrated in August when the CSIR team responsible for it was awarded second prize in the best science research and technology category of the Rhino conservation Awards for 2016.