Carl Zeiss unveils revolutionary eyesafe laser rangefinder for ultra-compact sighting systems


Carl Zeiss Optronics introduces the LP17D, its most compact high-performance eyesafe laser rangefinder to date for range finding in observation system applications.

The LP17D is the latest innovation by Carl Zeiss Optronics in its range of eyesafe laser rangefinder modules. It employs state-of-art diode pumped technology which provides accurate range measurement for up to 20km. Its compact size enables easy integration into very compact observation systems for air, land and naval applications. The rangefinder’s repetition rate of up to 2Hz provides effective rangefinding capability to moving targets. The LP17D features an integrated boresight camera to facilitate boresight alignment with the host observation system.

The Carl Zeiss Group

The Carl Zeiss Group, founded as a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Jena, Germany, in 1846, is today a global leader in the optical and opto-electronic industries.   It employs more than 11 000 people, of whom 3 300 are employed outside Germany. The group has offices in over 30 countries and is represented in more than 100 countries, with production centres in Europe, North and Central America, Asia, and now Africa. The company is headquartered in Oberkochen in north-eastern Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

The owner of the Carl Zeiss AG is the Carl Zeiss Foundation (Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung), whose main aim is to secure the future of Carl Zeiss AG and SCHOTT AG (a precision glass producer). The Foundation also supports research and science in the fields in which the companies and their subsidiaries are active.

The Carl Zeiss Group defines as its most important task enabling science and technology to go beyond what human beings can see. “We make it visible” – is the corporate slogan, and the promise to customers to open doors that were previously sealed.

The Carl Zeiss Group is market leader in the majority of its fields. It offers an extraordinary spectrum of leading-edge solutions and products for Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Technology; Life Sciences and Health Care; Eye Care; and industrial solutions.

Carl Zeiss Optronics is one of the leading providers of optical and opto-electronic products and services for defence and security.

Carl Zeiss Optronics is a business entity of the Carl Zeiss Group, seeing its slogan, “We make it visible”, as an obligation to its customers around the world. To us, it is a promise to incorporate more than 100 years of experience in defence optics into technologically high-quality solutions and products for internal and external security.

We develop, manufacture and distribute a wide range of optical and optronic products and systems which fulfil the requirements of the Army, Navy and Air Force. They also meet the high demands of border patrol and domestic security. The ability to flexibly and efficiently fulfil customer wishes makes us a sought-after partner for international defence forces and border patrol units.

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