Big brother is watching


In this World Wide Wrap: Big brother is watching, agency develops underwater tech, and Israel approves air defence plans.

Big brother is watching

Short of hiding out in a cave far removed from any trace of modern technology, it would seem that there is no longer escaping the electronic world in which we live, says Community Times.

Oceanit, a company working with the Hawaiian National Guard in Iraq, is preparing to roll-out sense-through-the-wall technology next year. It can "see" through walls by picking up on sensitive radio signals emitted by the human body to determine vital signs, such as breathing and heart rates.

As Ian Kitajima, marketing manager for Oceanit, pointed out, in addition to telling users whether someone is dead or alive on the battlefield, the technology "will also show whether someone inside a house is looking to harm you, because if they are, their heart rate will be raised".

Agency develops underwater tech

The Swedish Defence Research Agency FOI has developed an underwater wireless technology that has been tested for accurately predicting weather conditions, sea pollution and earthquakes, says Physorg.

FOI employs 800 full time research scientists to develop innovations in technology and research. Its endeavours also include defence and security.

The newly-developed underwater wireless technology was initially developed for military purposes. The technology has been on a trial run, sponsored by the European Union, to detect environmental changes in the sea.

Israel approves air defence plans

The Israeli government has approved funding for anti-missile technology in all of its civilian aircraft, making it the first to implement such a system, says UPI.

The system, which will begin implementation in 2008, includes the capability of preventing hijacked or otherwise unidentified aircraft from entering Israeli airspace, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The “positive ID” system will immediately identify aircraft entering Israeli airspace to warn of possible security breaches, Israel News reported.