SA Army reservists shine at shooting competition


The 12th Annual SA Army Reserve Force Combat Rifle Shooting Competition for 2019 has been in full swing as over 40 reserve teams with 339 shottists competed in 11 categories.

The competition took place at General de Wet (aka De Brug) shooting range just outside Bloemfontein. De Brug shooting range saw host to regular force members as well as international teams from Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia and The United States from 1 July to 2 July.

Competition for the SA Army Reserve Force Units was held between 4 July and 6 July and concluded with a formal prize giving at De Brug mess with Chief Defense Reserves Major General Roy Andersen as the functionary for the evening.

Among the 11 categories was individual winners by rank, most improved team, best reserve force unit team, best reserve force development shottist, best overall reserve force unit team, Best Reserve Force Unit Team(T2 score), Best Reserve Force Unit Team(Gold Cup Score), Best Overall Reserve Force Unit Ream (Dev), best female shottist, top individual shottist and regular force versus reserve force.

Lance Bombardier Matsokolo Ntsoeu of Vrystaat Artillerie Regiment accumulated seven gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal. L Bdr M.V. Ntsoeu said she was overwhelmed and happy. L Bdr M.V. Ntsoeu praised her team and Vrystaat Artillerie Regiment Unit as they ranked high in the competition, winning the White Horse Shooting Trophy subsequently making them the best shooting team in the South African Army.

The Reserve Force winners for the 12th Annual Combat Rifle Shooting Competition are:

Individual by Rank – Lt Col L.A. Korff, Regiment President Steyn

Most improved team – SAASIC Reserves with 150%

Best reserve force unit team (T2 score) – Vrystaat Artillerie Regiment with 904 score

Best female shottist – L Bdr M.V. Ntsoeu, Vrystaat Artillerie Regiment

Best reserve force run down unit team – Vrystaat Artillerie Regiment with 209 points

Best reserve force unit development shottist – Cpl Z.G. Nziweni, Regiment President Steyn (DEV)

Best overall reserve force unit team(DEV) – Regiment President Steyn with 1349 score

Top individual shottist – L Bdr M.V. Ntsoeu, Vrystaat Artillerie Regiment

Teams regular force vs reserve force – Vrystaat Artillerie Regiment with 3000 score