The Class of 2016 starts work at the SA Military Academy


The class of 2016 at the SA Military Academy, officially designated MA18, were told as part of their welcoming at the Saldanha Bay institute they were there to build comprehensive human security and peace in South Africa.

Additionally Professor Nico Koopman, vice rector: social impact, transformation and personnel from Stellenbosch University, reminded the new intake of students they were at the Academy to help build dignity for humans, animals and plants as part of overall human security and peace tasks.

He told the MA18 class: “We make a commitment that you will grow in knowledge, values and skills for the common good of South Africa and the rest of Africa. So they can be served by you. You come with your focus on the common good – on yourself – but for the well-bring of others and in the spirit of Ubuntu and to let humanity and nature flourish”.

Both the Military Academy and its parent institution, the University of Stellenbosch, Koopman said want graduates to be thought leaders. “They must know analysis does not lead to paralysis, but encourages addressing problems to overcome challenges”.
“We also want you to be dynamin leaders – people that are not happy with mediocrity, but people who want to give their best and make distinctive contributions to excel in all aspects.”

The class of 2016 was officially welcome to SAMA by the Commandant, Brigadier General Lawrence Mbatha who told them to focus 100% on their studies from day one.
“Grab this opportunity with both hands and never let go. It is your key to life, both in terms of broadening options to life and enabling you as a citizen of South Africa to make a meaningful contribution,” he said.