Fact file: SANDF Deployments

On any given day for the last eight years thousands of South African soldiers, airmen, sailors and medics have been on duty somewhere north of the South African border. 
SANDF deployments, October 2007
·          One staff officer in Ethiopia as part of the African Union Liaison Mission to Ethiopia/Eritrea (OLMEE)
·          Five military observers in Eritrea in support of the United Nations Mission to Ethiopia/Eritrea (UNMEE)
·          Four military observers and one staff officer in Nepal in support of the United Nations Mission In Nepal (UNMIN)
·          One military observer, 15 staff officers and a 1171-strong contingent in support of the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Mission des Nations Unies en Republique Democratique du Congo – MONUC)
“Curiculum” (sic)
·          One staff officer and a 762-strong contingent in Burundi under the banner of the African Union Special Task Force to Burundi (AUSTF)
·          Twenty-nine military officers, 15 staff officers and a 576-strong contingent in Darfur as part of the African Union Mission to Sudan (AMIS)
·          Sixteen instructors as part of a trilateral arrangement with Belgium to retrain the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo  
·          Two military observers in Uganda as part of the African Union Observer Mission to northern Uganda and Sudan
·          Thirty-six instructors and support staff in the Central African Republic to retrain and re-equip that state`s armed forces

Source: Written reply to Question 1580 asked in the National Assembly. Answer tabled October 12, 2007. Update requested.