Cubic combat training technology for Montana Guard


Cubic Defense Applications has been contracted to deliver a combat training system to the Montana National Guard that will provide it with advanced training capabilities and can also be used for National Guard/first responder tracking.

Cubic will supply a deployable command center, GPS-enabled tracking systems, and mobile communications equipment under a $3.6 million order from the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation and Training Instrumentation (PEO STRI), the company says in a statement.

The Montana National Guard will use the system for force-on-force training at three maneuver areas, including an urban training village at Fort William Henry Harrison. The system is also capable of providing real-world support in multiple emergency scenarios.

The system will feature software providing multiple-jurisdiction situational awareness as well as the geographic location of military trainees and emergency personnel.

This information will be projected onto a situational awareness display at the Montana National Guard’s command post at Fort Harrison in Helena, and may also be linked to both State and Federal command posts to provide a common operational picture.
Montana‘s new system will include exercise control instrumentation, a GPS communications antenna, satellite dish, data processor and radio equipment. Additionally, Cubic will provide two man-portable systems that can be used for squad to platoon level training exercises and as a deployed command post at emergency response scenes.

Cubic’s I-HITS (Initial Homestation Instrumentation Training System), a deployable combat training capability, supports force-on-force, force-on-target, land navigation and urban training scenarios. It also provides the backbone for training scenarios that combine live, virtual and constructive training and feature air elements such as helicopters and aircraft.