Conference to mull military culture


The Faculty of Military Science at the University of Stellenbosch and the Institute for Strategy at the Royal Danish Defence Academy are jointly holding a conference focusing on military culture in Africa on September 22 and 23.

The Second South African Conference on Strategic Theory will take place at the Wallenberg Conference Centre in Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, the organisers say.
“As the conference covers both strategic theory and a focus on Africa, experts in both domains [have been] invited as guest speakers. The theme of the conference is On Strategy: Military Culture and African Armed Forces. The selected conference papers shall expose delegates to both a theoretical backdrop on matters of military culture, as well as insights to relevant African matters,” the organisers add.
“As such, the conference introduces the important fields of social and strategic theory with a focus upon military culture that form an important locus of international academic attention, but one not well developed in Africa.”