US government provides equipment to Malian army

US Ambassador to Mali Gillian A. Milovanovic presented new tactical vehicles, communications, and other equipment, and military clothing to Mali Minister of Defense Natié Pleah and the Mali Chief of Defense General Gabriel Poudiougou, last week.
In a ceremony at the Ministry of Defense, Milovanovic transferred 37 brand-new Land Cruiser pickup trucks, along with powerful communications equipment that will allow Malian security forces to move, transport and communicate across wide expanses of open desert.

In addition, replacement parts, clothing, individual equipment and other supplies will be provided in the next few weeks for a US Government initiative totalling more than $5 million US (2.3 Billion CFA).
“These capacity-building assets are evidence of US long-term support for the Malian government and its people,” Milovanovic said.

“We remain dedicated to responding to the needs of our Malian friends, allies, and partners to secure their borders and to achieve peace and security.”

Pic: Land Cruiser trucks