UN to host security commodities webinar


The United Nations Procurement Division (UNPD) will next week host a webinar on Security Commodities in order to engage with relevant vendors.

The UNPD said it initiated the webinar “to establish direct communication with the vendors under various security commodities. Through this Webinar we hope to ensure a better understanding of current market dynamics, industry trends, COVID-19 impact on supply chain, proposed solutions, procurement sustainability and obtain feedback on your experiences of working with the UN.”

This event is organized as part of the UN Secretariat’s category management initiative which establishes teams of experts to manage specific categories of goods and services. Through the category management initiative, the UN aims to equip its teams with a deeper market insight, enhance its supply chain effectiveness and efficiency and drive the Organization’s long term vision for a more agile end to end supply chain, the organisation said.

Vendors will have an opportunity to learn about the UN’s new approach and gain insight into the following categories of goods and services, directly from the category team leads in the United Nations:
1. Physical Security Infrastructure (Observation/Guard towers, Perimeter Security, Shelter, Safe Haven and overhead/blast protection, Storage for Weapons/Ammunition/Explosives)
2. Security Services (Guard services, Specialized Services such as clearing of mines, ammunition disposal and K9 services)
3. Staff Security & Safety (Body Armour, Personal protective equipment, Staff Security Equipment, Uniforms and accoutrements, Weapons and ammunition)
4. Electronic Security Systems (Facility Access Control Systems such as ID cards and terminals, Screening/Inspection Equipment and Systems, Security Equipment & Systems such as cameras, movement and face recognition, presence detectors)
5. ISR & Electronic Defence Systems (Anti-drone systems, Drones, Electronic counter measures, ISR: radar, counter rocket, artillery and mortar, Long-range surveillance systems)

The UNPD added that space is limited and that the event is not organised for the purpose of soliciting goods and services, but purely as an informative session.

The webinar will take place on Monday 16 November at 09:00 (EST). Registration is at:

Registration closes on 12 November at noon EST.