SVI launches new low-cost armoured vehicle


SVI is launching its new Max3 armoured vehicle at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2018 exhibition. The vehicle is a low cost, versatile platform available in a number of variants.

At AAD the vehicle is being displayed in four-door configuration and fitted with a Reutech Rogue LITE 12.7 mm remotely operated machinegun turret, and a Thales Scorpion 81 mm self-contained direct and indirect automated mortar. The system can be fired automatically from the back of the vehicle in less than 15 seconds from stopping versus 15 minutes with a conventional system.

Jaco de Kock, Director at SVI, said the Max3 is designed to be extremely cost effective (costing less than a high-end SUV) as it is based on the popular Toyota Land Cruiser platform. This makes spares and maintenance simple, especially for the African market, and also makes training easy.

In addition to upgraded brakes and suspension, the vehicle is modified with an armoured cab with B6 ballistic level standard, but this can be upgraded to B7. Various engine options are available, including a V6 petrol, inline six diesel and V8 diesel. The Max3 is designed to meet different customer specifications, and can be either left or right hand drive and built in many different military and non-military variants, including an eight seater armoured personnel carrier, ambulance, command and control, crowd control, special forces and police.

The Max3 weights 3.8 tons with weapons systems – de Kock said the vehicle is lighter than most armoured vehicles for high mobility and low cost.

The Max3 a company-led initiative but it was built with a clear understanding of market requirements. It already has a launch customer, which is buying around 20 of the eight-seat armoured personnel carriers. There is also quite a lot of interest in the vehicle even though production has just started.

Benny Jiyane, Executive Director at SVI, said the Max3 is designed to be easy to produce in foreign countries, and one of the things SVI is offering is the ability to establish local production lines for customers. As the Max3 is based on a proven chassis, it has a very short lead time to manufacture. “I think the Max3 will be very popular as it is affordable and can be delivered very quickly,” he said.

SVI also offers the Max9 armoured personnel carrier, which was originally named the Max and launched several years ago. This features several improvements over the original, and can also carry weapons such as the Rogue LITE turret.