Saab continues with peacekeeping maintenance in Somalia


Saab Kenya Limited has extended a contract to provide Third Party Maintenance (TPM) services to peacekeeping initiatives in Somalia over the next two years.

The extension follows a third party maintenance contract signed in 2010, and sees Saab expanding its support services for peacekeeping teams beyond Mogadishu in Somalia the company announced earlier this month.
“Our work in Mogadishu has given us an intimate understanding of the conditions on the ground in Somalia, and we have adapted to the local environment to provide the best possible support to peacekeeping initiatives in the country,” said Håkan Ekvall, business development executive at Saab Kenya Limited.

Saab has provided vehicle maintenance support to peacekeeping forces in Mogadishu since 2010, as well as servicing and maintaining a wide range of generators and other machinery.

Vehicles covered by the terms of the contract include trucks, buses, troop transport vehicles, soft-skin and armoured vehicles, as well as watercraft used in offshore peace missions.
“At Saab, we believe that it’s a human right to feel safe – whether it’s in a global or local context. We’re honoured to further support the teams that work on making peacekeeping possible in Somalia,” Ekvall added.

The initial 2010 contract Saab received was for two years and worth $5.5 million. The contract, awarded by the United Nations for the AMISOM mission in Somalia, has two year extension options. Saab at the time described it as a breakthrough deal regarding the United Nations.

Saab has some 70 engineers, mainly from Kenya, in Somalia and the company also has a camp there to support its deployed staff. Saab also operates other camps elsewhere in Africa, such as a major training camp for the British Army in Kenya.

Saab said it can offer a range of services designed to facilitate and secure the buildup of any field facility – from the provisioning of accommodation, water, electricity and communications networks to the overall operational responsibility, maintenance support and controlled termination of operations at the end of a mission. Saab has developed and combined field hospitals and camp (fixed/mobile/transportable) solutions.

Saab’s turnkey solutions for deployed units include guard towers, water supply, sewage and waste handling, accommodation offices and ablutions, kitchen facilities, power generation and communications.