Powamaxx: Combatting SANDF food wastage with lasting impact


Straight up, we understand the challenges of operating within tight budgets while maintaining top-notch efficiency for every organisation. But here’s the deal: the Powamaxx meal booking system isn’t about draining your budget; it’s about tightening your ship, ensuring every cent counts. How? By optimizing meal management through the perfect combination of access control, vigilant camera coverage, and a user-friendly customized meal booking software interface, we’re not just improving food management control; we’re strengthening security measures, preventing food wastage, and making the most of your valuable resources.

The current bulk food preparation system in the SANDF? It is a recipe for disaster. The numbers fluctuate, leaving you vulnerable to overstocking, under-catering, and, worst of all, foul play. Picture this: mountains of untouched food heading straight for the pigswill bins. The elephant in the room? Food Wastage. That’s where Powamaxx steps in – targeting two critical issues head-on which are:

  1. Strengthening catering management – no more stock losses or unnecessary preparation.
  2. Securing kitchen and stock room access to authorized personnel only, ensuring controlled mealtime entries for members/staff.

Let’s break it down further. Consider this:

Why prepare meals for 500 members if only 400 members will come to eat? This is why precise catering is not just a preference; it’s a necessity. But let’s talk savings – the numbers don’t lie:

Scenario 1:

If a single individual consumes an additional breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


An extra meal is eaten during each mealtime every day!

 1 member eating an extra 3 meals x 1 day = R90 (R30 per meal @ cost to you).

1 member eating an extra 3 meals x 1 month = R2700

1 member eating an extra 3 meals x 1 year = R33 480

Scenario 2:

Now, 10 individuals are exceeding their daily limit by indulging in an additional breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Each day, 10 extra meals are being eaten by the group, surpassing their daily allocation!

10 members eating an extra meal x 1 day = R900 (R30 per meal @ cost to you)

10 members eating an extra meal x 10 days = R9000

10 members eating an extra meal x 30 days = R27000

10 members eating an extra meal x 1 year = R324 000

Imagine the impact: Only 10 personnel carrying extra meals home results in a staggering R324,000 yearly loss. Every meal matters.


Your unit strength is 2500 members, but you are feeding 3000 members an extra 500 individuals per day

500 members x 3meals per day= R45000 p/day

500 members x 3meals per day in a month=R1 395 000 p/mo

500 members x 3meals per day in a year=R16 425 000 p.a.

By implementing the Powamaxx meal booking software, you’ll not only stop losing money by catering for an extra 500, but you’ll also start saving significant funds.

So, once more, what’s the secret to saving money with this system? It’s achieved through meticulous monitoring, precise meal management and menu planning.

These figures given are very conservative. Based on our experience, the level of wastage in SANDF kitchens is significantly higher. Now, imagine that number multiplying with each extra meal across all SANDF kitchens, escalating to an eye-watering figure that could be better used in critical areas such as weapon procurement, much needed vehicle repairs, upgrading kitchen equipment and refurbishments which should receive the attention they deserve. We do have references and case studies that highlight the effectiveness of the Powamaxx system, showcasing significant savings ranging from 45% to 69% of their monthly budgets. Notably, one of our success stories is by 8 SAI Bn Upington, but we have assisted units all over South Africa.

Consider the implications of over-catering: serving 900 with resources meant for 400 results in a staggering R16 425 000 annual budget drain.

The Powamaxx Meal Booking Software: Providing streamlined, trustworthy, and thorough kitchen management. With zero tolerance for uncertainty or vulnerabilities, it empowers your kitchen to uphold its dedication to cost-effectiveness and ensures comprehensive control, ultimately securing a definitive increase in funds without question, while eliminating food wastage. Our system has consistently demonstrated its ability to generate substantial savings, with many installations paying for themselves within the initial 4 – 6 months.

Go to www.powamaxx.co.za to join our national quest to stop food wastage one kitchen at a time.